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2019 Citation from Erick Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for dedication and service to Azerbaijan in New York, USA
2019 Citation from Erick Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for dedication and service to Azerbaijan in New York, USA


2019 Citation from Erick Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for dedication and service to Azerbaijan in New York, USA



2017 Citation from Erick Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, for children's educational services

Solo Exhibition in Baku                                  August,2006


                     Gallery of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan     

First photo from left to right: Emin Guliyev, Farhad Khalilov(Chair of Union of Artists of Azerbaijan) and Tahir Salahov (People's Artist of USSR, Russia and Azerbaijan, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts).

Second photo from left to right: Tahir Salahov, Farhad Khalilov and Emin Guliyev.

Third photo from left to right: Tahir Salahov, Farhad Khalilov, Arif Kaziyev (Honored Artist of Azerbaijan),   Emin Guliyev and Omar Eldarov (People's Artist of Azerbaijan, Academician and President of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts).

Fourth photo: Tahir Salahov congratulates Emin Guliyev on occasion of his solo exhibition. 

H.E Ilham Aliyev  current President of Azerbaijan,   former President of Azerbaijan Olympics Committee  awarded Emin                            1997 IV and V Awards of international Exhibition Olympics, Art and Sport 2000� 

Ico Gallery

Trying to pin down Emin Guliyev is, as far as can be discerned, a mistake. To say this is not to criticize Guliyev, as if to reduce his sculptures to a flighty, wavering variability. This is wrongheaded anyway, for his art has a definite style. This style, however, is not something easily recognizable, but rather follow along the lines of a family resemblance. A family might have a grabbag of features – a nose that three members share, eyes that four do, ears for a few – such that any two members together reveals little. However, when an array is beheld, certain themes become apparent.

Guliyev’s sculptures exhibit this same familial style. Place the Dalian “Improvisation” next to “Boy”, which resembles an extra from a Brothers Quay short, and some connections could begin to be made, though it is perhaps a stretch. But examining them en masse nets more than weak comparisons. The gaunt weirdness of “Dancing Girl” or the inherent dread of “Horse” all together show Guliyev’s predilection for the slightly-off, the Freudian uncanny: that which is familiar, but just off enough to become completely unfamiliar and even terrifying for being so close to that which we call home.

-Andrew Beckerman
         Ico Gallery 


Agora Gallery

 Emin Guliyev’s Emotions Paint Two Dimensional Sculptures in Metamorphosis


Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature Figurative artist, Emin Guliyev, in Metamorphosis. The exhibition is scheduled to run from November 20, 2009 through December 11, 2009


November 15, 2009 --

With the tactile and seductive rendering of the human form present in the two dimensional works of Emin Guliyev, it should come as no surprise that the artist comes from a sculptural background. Introducing the warmth of color and shading to his figurative drawings and paintings, Emin imparts softness and sensuality to works usually conceived in his mind. By working without a model, Emin relies solely on his emotions and impressions to guide his artistic decision making. Without distraction, he fully connects to the work, ensuring the harmonic integrity of each unique composition. Working outside his traditional realm of sculpture, Emin is free to experiment with dramatic visual movement and artistic gesture, communicating his true dexterity as a visual artist and expressive soul.
Born in Azerbaijan, Emin’s work has been widely exhibited throughout Eastern Europe.
Pulsing with a vibrant energy, Agora Gallery’s The Rhythm of Color displays the expressive central role that an artist’s palette plays in the creation of a painting. Crafting their personal inspirations in a variety of styles, this exhibition features a collection of painters that are united in their understanding of the intimate relationship between color and emotion. Persistence of Form daringly explores the experience of our modern world through the eyes of the artist. Beautifully crafted imagery abounds in this choice selection of paintings as the artists inject wit, fantasy, and sensitivity into their vision of humanity. The works are raw and physical, daring to examine inwardly while holding an unadulterated mirror to the world to expose both the ills and the joys to be found. Color of Transformation is a wonderfully diverse grouping of contemporary painters working at the forefront of their medium. With an adept eye for form, the featured artists swathe their imagery in wonderfully rich colors to maximize both visual and emotional reactions. With influences ranging from music to the natural world, visitors will enjoy exploring and interpreting the messages so brilliantly expressed through the power of color. Exhibiting a wide range of contemporary art, Metamorphosis dives into a vast cauldron of fiery inspiration. We see the humanness behind the form, we find joys, fears, intrigue, and power. There is an expanse of inventive styles, as elemental forms and dynamic figures transform the desire for understanding into action, in the same manner of the early explorers. To make the unknown, known: to see what lies over that horizon.

Exhibition Dates: November 20, 2009 – December 11, 2009


 Emin Guliyev's two sulptures in Museum of Azerbaijan 

I would  like to thank Emin for the excellent sculptures of   historical  hero of Azerbaijan
Javad Khan  which he created  and generously  donated to the Museum of National History of Azerbaijan and Museum  of  Ethnography"  (Mr Valid Ziyadly President of Historical and Cultural Foundation named after Javad Khan). 



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