Artist Emin Guliyev


Professional:         1980 College Of Art named after Azim Azim-Zade 
                               1986 Graduated from State Academy of Arts Tbilisi, Georgia 
Membership:        1991 USSR Union of Artists 
                               1991-1993 USSR Academy of Art 
                               1993 Azerbaijan Union of Artists 


2011 The second exhibition of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Artists in the USA

2010 ''Spring Inspirations'' Shorefront New York 
2009 "Metamorphosis" Agora Gallery New York
2009 The first exhibition of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Artists in the USA
2009 ''Metamorphosis'' ICO GALLERY NEW YORK 
2006 individual Exhibition, Baku 
2001 Competition Sculptures in Cement, Baku 
2000 Exhibition Europe Is Our Home, Baku 
1996 Exhibition of Young Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku 
1995 National Exhibition, Baku 
1992 Exhibition of Young Artists, Baku 
|1991 Exhibition devoted to the events of 20 January, Baku 
1990 Autumn Exhibition, Baku 
1987 All Union Exhibition of Diploma’s sculptures, Leningrad 
1986 Young Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku 
1984 Sport Motives in Modern Art, Moscow 
1983 Exhibition Devoted to 27th Congress 
1983 Spring Exhibition, Tbilisi Georgia 
1983 National Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia 
1982 Young Artists, Baku, Azerbaijan 
1982 Young Artists, Marneule, Georgia 



1987 Award of All Union Exhibitions of Diplomas' Sculptures                                             Leningrad, USSR                        

1997 IV and V Awards of international Exhibition Olympics 2000 Art and Sport               Baku, Azerbaijan      

2010 Recognition Award for  Dedication and Service to Azerbaijan                                   New York, USA