Paintings Paintings Alone in the city Oil on canvas_26x20 in 26509682 The Phantom of the Opera oil on canvas-36x30in 110730510 Corrida Oil on canvas_24x24 in 52472920 Harlequin Oil on canvas_24x18 in 52472921 Circus Marker on paperx16x14 in 183294919 The Phantom of the Opera oil on canvas-36x30in 183289861 Harlequin in love Oil on canvas-24x18 in 183289860 Morning Oil on canvas_24x18 in 52472931 Flowers Oil on canvas_30x24 in 52472918 Made-up love Oil on canvas_50x45 in 52472927 Harlequin in love Oil on canvas-24x18 in 63957806 Nude Pastel_60x40 in 52472929 Morning coffee Oil on canvas_15x12 in 52472928 Javid Oil on canvas_20x16 in 52472919 Javid Oil on canvas-24x18 in 82594682 Narmina Oil on canvas_20x16 in 52607248 Pomegranades Oil on canvas_24x30 in 26509698 Still life 61507728 The apples Pastel_14x17 in 52472932 Pomegranades Oil on canvas-24x36in 109094890 African motives Oil on canvas_24x30 in 26509708 Corrida Oil on canvas_18x15 in 52472926 Composition Oil on canvas_24x30 in 26509702 Spring Pastel_24x28 in 61507729 Nude Pastel_14x8 in 52472924 Reclining nude Marker on paperx11x15 in 26512001 Reclining nude Marker on paper_18x15 in 52472923 Blue dream of a red sculpture Oil on canvas_18x24 52472925 Carnival Marker on paper_20x14 52472922 In the garden Ink on paper_12x9 in 52472917 Harlequin Oil on canvas_18x14 52472933 Seated harlequin Marker on paper_17x14 in 52472930 183290415 183290103